Corporate Social Responsibility

Safety first
In order to be successful in the long term Xindao strives to maintain a culture of integrity and compliance. We believe that this is our basis in a successful and sustainable organization. Xindao wants to meet her obligations through a strict quality and compliance policy.

Our compliance system is written according to the NEN-ISO 19600 “Compliance management systems- Guidelines”. According to this system we manage, monitor and improve our quality and compliance level daily.

Currently we have a global approach with 16 dedicated employees in Shanghai responsible for our general product quality and compliance. This team is supported by 12 employees from product development & purchase and 1 social compliance manager from the main office in Holland. The purpose of this team is to determine internal and external issues related to compliance risks.

You can download our quick-check compliance and safety PDF with more information here.
Social Commitment
Xindao values transparency and is committed to social compliance throughout our supply chain. To ensure this Xindao is a member of Amfori-BSCI and we are working towards sourcing all our products from audited suppliers. Products which are sourced from a Factory which has undergone a BSCI audit can be found via a filter on our website and have an ‘Amfori-BSCI’ logo to indicate this. Xindao only accepts A, B or C scores, for lower scores we do not publish the BSCI logo. We want to be clear that the audit relates to the factory and not to the product itself, for this reason we do not for example print BSCI logo’s on our products or packaging.

Xindao is committed to:
• Setting an example and inspiring our suppliers to follow
• Helping suppliers understand and
 implement BSCI Code of Conduct
• Set goals for the future and be
transparent about our journey to get there

Click here to see the Xindao – Code of Conduct
Click here to read some FAQ’s on Amfori- BSCI.

With an eye on the future Xindao’s goals are to constantly improve in all areas where we can influence and inspire our suppliers to follow our example. This is not an easy task considering our wide range of products, but we are convinced that every step taken is contributing to a better future.
To complete and measure all our efforts Xindao does a yearly Ecovadis Assessment. This assessment gives an independent rating on many CSR subjects.
For our Ecovadis information sheet click here
For our Ecovadis Scorecard click here
Our result for 2020: PLATINUM

All documentation and certificates on testing and safety can be found by accessing your account and checking the ‘documents’ section of each product.