Trading & Factory Direct Concepts

As a well established importer of promotional products we have very close contacts in the country that matters most in our industry: China.

We supply our distributors with exclusive products, many of them created by our own European designers. We ship them from our own stock or directly form our factories in China in which case you can save up tot 30 percent. Could be wise, couldn’t it?
Order Factory Direct and the containers will come your way directly from China without any hassle or red tape. That is because we take care of all contacts and formalities.

And the savings of up to 30 percent? Those are entirely yours! The delivery time including production and shipping is from 14 to 16 weeks.

How does it work?

Why wait until December to order your end-of-year gift? You know that Christmas comes round every year! Do it in the summer and you have plenty of time to customize your promotional item. Order at least three months in advance and the factory runs especially for you! This way you are capable to give your promotion that extra personal touch. Different packing, special printing, your own colours or any modifications can all be achieved properly at the factory. Besides, it saves up to 30 percent of your costs!

If you want you can ship your own goods using your own contacts. No problem. But remember Xindao can offer all the forwarding and importing experience you need. We ship at least ten containers each week to various parts of the world! So there is always room for your order.

A print that suits you

Should it be chic, trendy or sporty? Striking or subdued? Printed, embroidered or branded? You decide. Because there are over thirty ways of putting your logo on your article of choice. The costs should not be an obstacle, as these are very modest, particulary when you order Factory Direct.

XD Factory Direct Concepts