In addition to continuous initiatives to improve services for customers, our vision and ambition has led to a new service launched in 2020 which is all about reducing the CO2 impact of the sample shipments we execute:

Xindao Sustainable Choice

Xindao Sustainable Choice gives you the option to use a more sustainable way of delivery by road for those sample orders that can be delivered in 3 to 5 days instead of next day. By choosing our Sustainable Choice you save around 3.3kg of CO2 per sample (on average). This may not seem like a lot, but based on our yearly sample shipments, it adds up to a 3 hectares forest, or a solar park of 2.000m2 !

It is our ambition to reduce the CO2 emission by 50% together with you by 2023. To promote this we commit to plant a tree for every 10 sample shipments. We do this in collaboration with Treesforall.

This way, we can actively contribute to compensating for the urgent next Day sample delivery service.

All it takes is that you tick the Sustainable Choice box for your Sample orders that do not require express delivery.

Together, we can make a Sustainable Choice and make our world a bit greener!