A large number of sales support tools is at your disposal. Feel free to use them in order to support your sales, and if you feel anything is missing, please do let us know!

Multi Media
The products are supported by high quality pictures, available in several resolution qualities. This way you can use them for printed purposes as well as for online use. Besides picture material, videos are available. Product videos exist for a selected number of products, and there are corporate and brand videos available. All downloadable, all neutral and ready for you to be used as sales support tools. How to get it?

  • On the product page, hit the button for download item pictures. Enter the item code and chose the required resolution(s) or, if you want the complete collection send an E-mail to get FTP access to download the lot.
  • Videos can be downloaded on the product detail pages, through a text link below the item pictures. Also, all videos are grouped on the videos page for easy reference. Should you want all videos, then just send an E-mail to get FTP access to download the lot.

  • Online Interactive Catalogues & Magazines
    The collection is presented in printed and in digital format. The web shop shows all items in detail separately. New are the online interactive flipbooks. This tool combines the standard browse-through functionality with innovative interactive features like product clips, picture galleries, response/quote and other forms, and even ordering! Note that the interaction is between your customer and you only.

    A digital flyer is a widely spread sales support tool for many distributors. Our flyers feature distinctive products, or they depict an overview of a specific range. Also available are data sheets with explanatory text to point out particularities of an item or a range of items.

    Paper Catalogues
    The paper catalogue traditionally is the most widely used support tool. Also for this tool, a level of personalisation is at your disposition: your company logo and contact details are easily added to turn this into your collection. Alternative covers to choose from are ready available, but creating your own unique cover is also an option that can be dealt with without any problem. In this age of further digitization, a paper catalogue certainly has its purpose as effective sales support tool.

    Trade Shows
    Being present in local markets is crucial, as this is the ultimate occasion to meet you and to hear about your requirements. Trade shows also are a platform to present new initiatives and show you what we are capable of. In some occasions this is even taken a step further, and we do participate to distributor trade shows that end customers visit, strictly neutral or as distributor partner of course.