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The collection is presented in printed and in digital format. The web shop shows all items in detail separately. New are the online interactive catalogues and magazines. These combine the standard browse-through functionality with innovative interactive features like product movie clips, picture galleries, response/quote and other forms, and even ordering! Note that the interaction is between your customer and you.

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New: Introducing new gift collections the easy way!
      Why use it?
This time we will make it even more easier. We have a compact & snappy
(personalised) digital catalogue showcasing the most recent products.
This will be updated automatically every month!
Always the newest products to work with.

Read all about it in our factsheet

  • Create contact moments with your customers and prospects
  • Have something new to tell and show on regular basis
  • Control expenses of your efforts and reduce them as much as possible
  • Leave a profesionnal and innovative image of yourself at customers
  • Make optimal use of the short attention span of your public
  • Contribute to lessen the carbon footprint of your profesionnal activities