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  • Print-a-Product 12.11.2013

    Until the end of the year, now 10 attractive...
  • Focus On 18.06.2013
    Fact: Most small accidents happen at home. The end of the year traditionally is the moment for celebrations

  • Sales tax / VAT support 18.06.2013
    As of now, we have extended our sales tax / VAT support. When available, multiple sales tax or VAT lines will show in the basket. With this feature a customer will have a good overview of the sales tax / VAT. Furthermore, you can optimize the web store for the desired scenario using the sales tax / VAT presentation settings. You can either show only the total sales tax / VAT or break it down into separate lines. Plus, you can show or hide the incl. and excl. sales tax / VAT totals, show totals above or below the breakdowns, and define which field should have the focus (bold).
  • Sana web shop for LS Retail 18.06.2013
    Together with LS Retail, Sana enables a seamless online web shop which is exactly in line with the POS within the retail store. By having one single source of truth it does not matter where you shop or earn and redeem loyalty points; campaigns are integrated equally and retail assortment is managed identically and simultaneously. The Sana web shop for LS Retail is the next step in a true omni-channel approach. For example, just like in your physical store, your customer will be able to see discounts (discount offers, multi-buy and mix & match) in the online basket. Furthermore, simply be entering a coupon barcode or coupon code, a coupon can be triggered in the online store.
  • Top-notch SEO 18.06.2013
    In collaboration with a team of senior online marketing executives we have made sure that our solution is up to date with the latest search engine requirements. Having a good-looking web store is one thing, but getting customers to your shop is something else. For example, you can now define the URLs like you or your SEO expert would like to have it without any restrictions. The URLs can be based on navigation and can be overruled on page level and multilingual support is available. Furthermore, by default Sana will generate the page title and Meta title of a product list page with the selected facet values. Sana is one of the first products that has this feature available: out of the box without any manual effort.